Diam's does not only create jewelry. Here are the different services you can find in our three stores:

Ear piercing

For one ear (earring included)
Price: 2000F

For two ears (earrings included)
Price: 3000F

We don't pierce children under 4 years old.

Miscellaneous maintenance

Estimate of the jewel - we provide a written estimate of the jewel
Price: 3350F

Cleaning: performed with ultrasound (free for all DIAM'S jewelry)
Price: 350F/piece


Polishing of rings, earrings, pendants, small chain and small bracelet.
Price: 1340F

Polishing jewelry over 8g or bulky
Price: 2690F

Rhodium plating:

Polishing and depositing of rhodium on ring, pendant and earrings (a rhodium plating offered from 4 jewels)

Price: 3480F

Polishing and depositing of rhodium on bracelets, necklaces, rings over 8 g and on two-tone jewelry
Price: 4880F

Welding :

Small welding on gold (without polishing)
Price: 1340F

Heavy soldering on gold, jewelery over 8 g or bulky (without polishing)
Price: 2020F

Small soldering on silver (without polishing)
Price: 1080F

Large solder on silver, jewelery over 8g or bulky (without polishing)
Price: 1340F


Crimping control
Price: 1340F

Setting small stone on paving (large stone on estimate)
Price: 1340F

Manufacture of claws or grains
Price: 2340F

Sizing rings and bracelets

Reform a gold or silver ring.
Price: 2020F

Ring reduction or resoldering a gold or silver ring.
Price: 3630F

Enlargement of silver ring or gold ring: (if metal supplied)
Price: 4430F

Enlargement of gold rings:

+ 1 size
Price: 4900F

+ 2 sizes
Price: 5610F

+ 3 sizes
Price: 6320F

+ 4 sizes
Price: 7030F

+ 5 sizes
Price: 7510F

+ 6 sizes
Price: 8240F

+ 7 sizes
Price: 8950F

Bracelet Decrease:

Price: 4700F*

Price: 6740F

Drilling a Pearl

Drilling of a pearl without gluing or other repair
Price: 270F


Engraving on bracelets, medals... front
Price: 1750F

Engraving on bracelets, medals... double-sided
Price: 2490F

Interior engraving of a classic ring (offered on our products)
Price: 1750F

Special engraving (drawing, logo)
Price: from 4470F - depending on model (quote)

Erase an engraving (it will be necessary to add polishing to this service)
Price: 1500F


Remove or add links on a watch or a steel bracelet
Price: 410F

Changing watch battery with clipped case (excluding battery)
Price: 880F

Changing watch battery with screwed case (excluding battery)
Price: 1320F

Changing a pump or refitting an axis on a watchor a steel bracelet
Price: 610F

* Insurance and management fees

price 490f