In the DIAM'S workshops in Noumea, imagination knows no bounds.
Thanks to a unique traditional know-how associated with the most modern technologies, our jewelry store offers a range of original jewelry, for all tastes and for all budgets!


In the workshops of our DIAM'S jewelry store, in Noumea, the traditional production of hand-sculpted wax jewelry is gradually giving way to Computer Aided Design (C.A.O.).

CAD makes jewelry of perfect symmetry and proportion with extremely precise detail.

Rings, wedding bands, earrings, Tahitian pearls... All our creations are then reproduced in wax using 3D printing.


At Diams NC, the waxes are grouped together to form what we call "a tree" which is placed in the center of a steel cylinder.

This cylinder is filled with a refractory plaster that molds our tree, then placed in an oven for firing.

In the oven, the wax melts, then burns, leaving the imprint of the tree in the plaster.


After firing, our cylinder will be placed in an induction melter. Above it, gold and its alloys are melted in a graphite crucible.

It is between 1020 and 1030° C that the molten metal is poured into the cylinder under vacuum with a supply of argon gas.

After cooling, the metal tree is removed from the plaster in order to de-stem the castings.


It is at our workbench in Noumea that the art of jewelery takes on its full meaning.

Each jewel will be reworked with a file, emery, pierced, assembled, welded (torch or laser)... then polished.

Polishing is done using cotton brushes and polishing paste, to achieve "mirror polish".


Setting is the art of setting precious stones in settings.
Graduated from "Alexandre diamond optical setting" in Antwerp, we at Diams use very advanced setting techniques using 75x magnification binocular microscopes and pneumatic tools.

This allows us to set the stones in an elegant and very precise way by fine-tuning the smallest details.


Do you have specific desires for the ring of your dreams? Do you have design ideas for your earrings? At Diam's, you will have the opportunity to see them come true! A team of professionals is at your disposal to achieve everything you want in terms of jewelry. She can also guide you in your choices and create step by step the alliance, the necklace, the bracelet you want, by your side.

Exclusive to DIAM'S: make your wedding rings yourself!

DIAM'S opens its doors to you and accompanies you for an exclusive and personalized creation of your wedding rings in gold or silver, or even with a Tahitian pearl.

From sketch to production, our jewelry store is at your disposal to make your dream of wearing unique wedding rings, symbols of your love, come true.