Montre G-SCOCK-Montres homme-Marque:Référence: GBA-800-1AER-GSHOCK- GBA-800-1AER-DIAM'S NC
Montre G-SCOCK-Montres homme-Marque:Référence: GBA-800-1AER-GSHOCK- GBA-800-1AER-DIAM'S NC

Montre G-SCOCK

  • 127,48 EUR

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Our guarantees for the brand:


Your DIAM'S jewelery will be delivered to you with a Certificate and a Guarantee

This guarantee is provided depending on the type of jewellery:


All silver jewelry



All gold jewellery, including pearl(s) and stone(s).



All gold wedding bands (including gold and silver 2 color wedding bands)

Gold and silver signet rings

Gold and silver cylinder-shaped tikis (L5.99 style)


Our warranty conditions:

For brand:

2 year warranty.